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Swan Lake Resort is a beautiful golf course located out in the country in Plymouth, Indiana. They wanted a new commercial for airing during PGA events. It was early March in Indiana and wintery weather was still around so we couldn't film at the golf course.

Fortunately, Stephen Hill, a photographer from the area, had shot a marketing video for Swan Lake Resort and he provided his footage for me to use so I could produce a 30-second TV commercial. The challenge for me was to create a story that would fit with Stephen’s footage. I used a clip shot from a vehicle driving into the golf course and a close-up of someone putting on the green. I matched that with footage I shot of a man loading up his golf clubs in his trunk and heading out on a road trip to Swan Lake Resort.

I had to be careful to film the car shots in a way that you couldn’t tell there were no leaves on the trees. So I had him drive by rows of Evergreen trees and kept the background out of focus so it looked like summer.

One of the things I was concerned about was shooting the actor from inside the car and having him lit properly without having the background outside blown out. A shot like this is easily ruined by a blown out background.

I had just purchased a Canon C300 after watching Phillip Bloom’s review of the camera and several other reviews that convinced me this would be a great camera for both my documentary and commercial work. This was my first time using the camera and I pleased with the results. The C300 has twelve steps of dynamic range when using Canon’s C-Log. What a difference that makes for a shot like this when you compare it to a DLSR that may only have six stops of dynamic range. Secondly, the shots from inside the car were all handheld. I could have never done that with a DLSR and have captured usable footage. I would have struggled with these shots with my 5D Mark II or 7D. I used Canon’s 35mm f/1.4L and 50mm f/1.2L lenses. What a treat to work with this camera!

Director, Writer and CinematographerDoug Clark

Logo AnimationScott Infalt

MusicMirror by Taylor Clark