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Art outreach: Filmmaker and photographer documents the “I Am The Greatest” project

Doug's most recent documentary film project, The Expressionists, is a film that follows several artists and educators as they use the incentive of creativity to enrich the lives of underprivileged children in an environment that has devalued the importance of art. The story is as much about the artists who forge ahead with little or no support as it is about the children who’s lives are enriched by the efforts of their mentors.  To read more about Doug's upcoming documentary, please follow this link: The Expressionists.

Some of Doug's recent photography for the "I Am The Greatest" project, as well as a 5-minute clip from The Expressionists, will soon be featured at the Anna Russo-Sieber Gallery in Benton Harbor, MI.  The Herald-Palladium recently interviewed Doug, Anna Resso-Sieber, and John Sauvé to learn more about the inspiration behind making this project a reality. To see the full story, please follow this link: Art outreach: Filmmaker and photographer documents the "I am the greatest" project.

Details about the opening reception and exhibit:

WHO: Opening reception for "Doug Clark: Covering The I Am The Greatest Project"

WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Friday, January 25th; exhibit continues through March 27

WHERE: Anna Russo-Sieber Gallery, 147 Fifth St., Benton Harbor


CONTACT: 208-4409, www.annarussoart.com or www.iamthegreatestbh.com

ARTIST INFO: www.sauveartfoundation.org